2017 LEGALBANDChina 30 Under 30 Submission Form
Author:LEGALBAND 2017-12-19

2017 LEGALBAND China 30 Under 30 Submission Form


Please provide responses and other important details in the blanks on the right inrespect of the candidate(s) from your firm or by yourself.  

To be considered as a 30 under 30 Lawyer, individuals need to be born no early than January 1st, 1987, as well as have no less than 3 years of legal professional experience with law firms by the end of  November 10th 2017. 

The deadline for submission is November 10th, 2017 5:30pm (Beijing time). 

Please send submission to CN@legalband.com.


This template is a guideline and if you would like to submit using a different format, we will accept those submissions as well. 


Basic Details 

Candidate Name


Date of Birth




Years of Legal Career






Current Title 


Practice Area(s)


Bar Qualification(s) and Time



Career Highlights

Please list the candidate’s significant achievements (include any significant accolades the candidate has received for work in the form of public recognition, awards etc.)


Please list the most important deals or cases (If in disputes)



Recommendations (if available) 

Please provide 3 client contact detailsname, title, firm, email and telephone number for our research



Comments  from managing partner or colleague (If available, please name a contact for reference)



Other Information

Previous firm(s) and duration (If applicable)


Personal philosophy (i.e. the motto, the motivation and excitement about work)


Future plans  and career ambitions


Other relevant information