• Q: When is LEGALBAND online dictionary published?
    A: It usually will be launched in the early months each year.
  • Q: If you have some comments or suggestions on the list, how can you contact us?
    A: If you feel we have missed people from our research, or there is someone that we have not ranked as a leading lawyer when you feel we should have, please contact submission@legalband.com. We are always happy to receive any information that will help our research in future years.
  • Q: Can any firm or lawyer be included?
    A: No, only those law firms or lawyers ranked will be included in the online dictionary.
  • Q: When is the payment due?
    A: You will be invoiced in a week for profiles when you make an acceptance whether by early bird price or else.
  • Q: What is the cost of a profile?
    A: Different profiles cost differently, you can directly contact us via CN@legalband.com to get the detailed information about the price.