What is a submission?

a) Submissions
Submissions are a source of factual information and this information, used in conjunction with other sources, can influence a decision on whether to include a firm or where to rank it. Submissions are used by LEGALBAND as part of our research. We will never print or quote directly from a submission.
Using our form ensures that you are supply us with the kind (and volume) of information that we want.
In addition, we need client contact details – referees – because interviews with clients are crucial to our research (see section b Referees).
The names and details of client referees should be sent separately, using our Referees Spreadsheet.
There is no cost involved in providing us with submissions. There is no ''secret formula'' to writing a good submission. We simply want a clear summary of the most significant facts about your practice presented using our template.
You can download the submission form on the anuual research page.


b) Referees (Referee Spreadsheet)
A referee is usually a client but it can be anyone who has good experience and knowledge of the firm. Interviews with referees are non-attributable and any quotes we publish are anonymous. We take care never to include a quote that will reveal the source. Please include no more than 5 referees per practice area, and please do not modify the referee spreadsheet template in anyway
An entirely separate referee spreadsheet should be used for each practice area. Doing so will minimise the time it takes for us to contact your referees, and therefore maximise the time we have to gather feedback on your firm.


What is the submission information used for?
Submissions are used by LEGALBAND as a part of our research. We will never print or quote directly from a submission. But we will refer to it as a source of factual information about a law firm and its activities, and this information, used in conjunction with other sources, can influence a decision on whether to include a firm or where to rank it.


a) Work highlights
Please do not send us more than 15 work highlights per practice area. Try to send us a list that includes work handled by junior partners as well as senior ones.
Please supply work examples from the past 12 months, or those are ongoing.


b) Confidential information
It’s important that you mark confidential information as CONFIDENTIAL. We use it in our research but we shall not publish it.
We shall assume that any information NOT clearly marked as confidential can be published.


c) Coverage
To see the locations we are covering, please refer to our research schedule. Select a juriscidtion and you will see the practice areas we are researching there.
Our research coverage reflects market conditions in each 
jurisdiction. We research the more important practice areas – as indicated to us by clients.
If you think we are not covering a significant practice area, please contact the relevant editor.


a) When is the deadline?
The deadline for each submission is indicated on the research schedule.
You can find out when your submission needs to be sent by looking at our research schedules. The schedules also show the names of the researchers who will cover your locations and practice areas.
If you require an extension of time, this may be possible. Please contact the researcher working on the section (or the editor if you cannot see the name of the researcher). Due to time constraints and the volume of submissions we receive, those received after the deadline may not receive the same attention given to those uploaded on time.

b) How to make your submission
Please send the submission forms to


c) Practice areas with subdivisions
We often need to subdivide our coverage of a practice area. For example, TMT might be split into Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications.
In such cases we generally prefer firms to make one submission for the whole area, rather than separately for each sub-division. If you are unsure, please contact the researcher covering the section.


d) Press releases
Submissions provide us with a snapshot of your firm's activities over a year. Press releases are useful in providing us with continuing information all the year round, keeping our editors and researchers up-to-date on a law firm’s position in the market. Therefore please put us on your mailing lists for press releases. Please send them to


For all queries not covered in these guidelines, please contact us via